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Beyond School by Wendy Priesnitz
Life Learning - the book
School Free by Wendy Priesnitz
For the Sake of Our Children by Leandre Bergeron
Playing With Math
A Path of Their Own
Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon
What Really Matters by David Albert & Joyce Reed
Challenging Assumptions in Education by Wendy PriesnitzChild's Play Magazine
A Home Business Start-Up Guide by Wendy Priesnitz
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A free, web-based source of support and information about interest-based, learner-directed education for all ages (also known as life learning, unschooling, natural learning, and free-range learning). Life Learning Magazine was founded in 2002, so there are about four hundred articles on this site, and more are being added weekly. Our goal is to make our complete archive available for free on this website, in addition to all the newly published articles. Check them out here.
life learning adult
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Understanding the Importance of Life Learning as an Adult - Life learning keeps us interested and engaged in life, and helps us discover new passions and goals. Read more.

whatever we want
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Whatever We Want - We encourage children to be whatever they want when they grow up, so we should encourage them to do whatever they want when they are young. Read more.

homeschooling my MFA
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Homeschooling My MFA - What homeschooling her kids taught her about becoming a professional writer, without pursuing an MFA degree. Read more.

being with our children
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I Want To Be With My Children - Being with our children full-time allows us to respect their autonomy and trust them to develop in their own way, at their own speed. Read more.

guilty unschooler
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The Guilty Unschooler - Life learning isn't always the delightful endeavor it often appears to be, and moms need to take times for themselves and lose the guilt. Read more.

unschoolers and electronics
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Exploring the Assumptions About Kids and Electronic Media - Children's use of electronic media is controversial, but the research uses school children, not life learners. Read more.

let them sing
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Let Them Sing - Humans are born singing. But children's voices are often censored, quieted, or silenced. So here are some strategies for letting them sing. Read more.

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Defining Life Learning - We coined the term "life learning" to describe a philosophy that trusts children and involves living as if school doesn't exist. Read more.

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