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July/August 2014 Issue

 Life Learning cover July/August 2014

From the Editor's Desk by Wendy Priesnitz
Ages and Stages: If you grow up with independence, you don't need to rebel.

Letting Go of the Fear by Carla Martinez
A teenaged unschooler shares, from her own experience, how trusting and freeing your child can change their world.

Grown Unschooler Interview by Camelia Jula
An interview with grown unschooler, blogger, and author Idzie Desmarais about what unschooling means to her.

The Language That We Use Matters by Idzie Desmarais
Unschooled people aren’t sheep, and here’s why it might not be a good idea to refer to them as such.

A Survey of Grown Unschoolers by Peter Gray
An academic researcher and author describes the results of his recent survey of grown unschoolers.

The Learning Sweet Spot by Paul Henderson
An in-depth examination of how and why learner-driven education provides the optimum circumstances for learning.

Decompression Time by Greg Reisser
Strategies for helping your new life learner make the transition from school to not-school.

News and Resources
Tools for families who are living and learning as if school doesn’t exist.

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