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About Life Learning Magazine

About Life Learning MagazineLife Learning Magazine is a unique, grassroots, ground-breaking, digital magazine about living as if school doesn't exist. Founded in 2002, it continues to provide support and reassurance to subscribers about interest-based, learner-directed education for all ages.

  • Read what readers are saying here.

  • Read a welcome message from editor Wendy Priesnitz, who has been providing support, advocacy, and inspiration to homeschoolers around the world since 1976. And check out her blog.

  • Subscribe to learn all about how other people just like you and your children have learned without school...what helps and what hinders, and what they have achieved in their lives as a result.

  • Our contributors provide honest and thought-provoking ideas that will let you think outside-the-box about ways to encourage and support active, self-directed learning. Most of our contributors are life learning parents and teens, or adults who learned without schooling as children. (Check out our contributor guidelines and share your stories).

  • Go here to learn more about the philosophy of life learning (sometimes known as "unschooling," "homeschooling," "natural learning," "autonomous education" or "free-range learning.")

  • Read some articles from past issues of Life Learning Magazine.

  • Learn more about Life Learning Magazine's publisher Life Media, an independent, family-owned magazine and book publishing business begun in 1976.

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  • Visit our Natural Life Books website to view the books we publish about homeschooling and unschooling.

Life Learning Annual Life Learning Magazine Annuals...

Life Learning Magazine Annuals are PDF e-book collections of all the feature articles that were published in the magazine on a yearly basis. They appear exactly as they do in the magazines – complete with full-color photos and layouts, and live links to resources. Learn more.
Life Learning - the book Life Learning - the book...

We have collected some of the best essays from the early years of Life Learning Magazine in a book that describes both the philosophy and the experience of life learning/unschooling. It is a great introduction for those new to the idea, and a welcome print or digital book for those who love Life Learning Magazine. Learn more.


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