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About Life Learning Magazine

About Life Learning MagazineLife Learning Magazine is a unique, grassroots, and ground-breaking digital magazine. Founded in print in 2002, it remains the leading publication in its field. You can read more about what subscribers are saying here. Editor Wendy Priesnitz has been providing support, advocacy, and inspiration to homeschoolers around the world since 1976. Here is a welcome message from Wendy, along with more information about the magazine.

Let Life LearningMagazine help you discover how to employ self-directed, life-based learning in your own life and/or that of your child.

  • Read all about how other people just like you and your children have learned without school...what helps and what hinders, and what they have achieved in their lives as a result.

  • Laugh, cry and identify with parents who are helping themselves and their children learn from the real world...and learning a lot about themselves along the way.

  • Think about how we are limited by a society that still believes in coercive education...and how we can transcend those limits in our daily lives and for our children's future.

  • Find support and reassurance for interest-based, learner-directed education (for all ages) and non-coercive, natural parenting.

This type of learning is sometimes known as "unschooling," "homeschooling," "natural learning," "autonomous education" or "free-range learning." We prefer the term "life learning" and see it as a lifestyle and philosophy about childhood, rather than just a method of homeschooling. We also think it applies to people of all ages, not just children. You can read more about the philosophy here.

Our contributors provide honest and thought-provoking ideas that will let you think outside-the-box about ways to encourage and support active, self-directed learning. Most of our contributors are life learning parents and teens, or adults who learned without schooling as children. They share their journeys of exploration into how people learn informally. (We'd love to have your contribution too!)

Life Learning Magazine is owned by Life Media, an independent magazine and book publishing company begun in 1976. Along with Natural Life Magazine, Natural Child Magazine and its forerunner Child’s Play Magazine, Life Learning represents almost forty years of publishing experience in the home-based education and natural parenting fields. The print edition of Life Learning Magazine began publication in March of 2002 and it's been a digital magazine since 2008. The digital format has proven to be highly popular with paying subscribers and remains dedicated to providing information, support, and inspiration to families and individuals around the world who are living and learning without schooling. You can download a free sample here.

about Life Learning MagazineLife Learning Magazine's editor Wendy Priesnitz is an award-winning journalist and author of twelve books, including School Free - The Home Schooling Handbook, Challenging Assumptions in Education, and Beyond School: Living as if School Doesn't Exist. She is also the editor of Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier, and a contributor to many others, including Linda Dobson's The Homeschooling Book of Answers, the collaborative Creating Learning Communities and Turning Points: 27 Visionaries in Education Tell Their Own Stories. Wendy and her husband and business partner Rolf are the parents of two adult daughters who learned without schooling in the 1970s and 80s. To learn more about Wendy, visit her website.

Life Learning - the book - coming soon! Life Learning - the book...

We collected some of the best essays from Life Learning Magazine in a book that describes both the philosophy and the experience of life learning/unschooling. It is a great introduction for those new to the idea, and a welcome print or digital book for those who love Life Learning Magazine. Order now.

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