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 Life Learning Magazine Annuals

These magazine-format PDF e-books contain all the feature articles that were published in Life Learning Magazine on a yearly basis. They come complete with full-color photos and layouts, live links to resources, and a table of contents, making it easy to find the articles you're looking for. Perfect for reading on a tablet or computer. These e-books make great gifts to introduce someone to unschooling.

Just US$14.95 each. To purchase, send an email to listing the ones you are ordering, and we'll send you a PayPal invoice.

Life Learning Magazine's 2015 Annual

Life Learning Magazine 2015 Annual

Includes: How families deschool; choosing high school; life learning in Hungary; learning by participating in the life of our communities, activism, volunteering, and advocacy; an interview with Patrick Farenga about John Holt; reading late; no need for training wheels; the dilemma of a teacher who is an unschooling dad; the power of respect; raising children in a digital age…and not worrying; overcoming the pressure for our kids to be geniuses; a life learner's path to college; what fear does; keeping track of learning; unschooling also changes parents; learning from a trip to Kenya; protecting the spark of curiosity; reading aloud together; creating “curriculum” the natural way; immersion education: life learning on a horse farm; reading for pleasure versus reading for school; beating unschooling stress; what about socialization?; unschooling and changing the world; validating your family’s unschooling choice while validating others’ different choices; creating unschooling support in an isolated situation; and more. 


Life Learning Magazine's 2014 Annual

Life Learning Magazine 2014 Annual

Includes: college stories; writing as sanctuary; homeschool prom; flexi schooling; rules; a family's path to life learning; deschooling ourselves; the whole world as a learning space; taking a non-linear path; the attraction of video games; how children learn to read; what is successful learning; spaces for learning; conquering the fear; interview with Idzie Desmarais; the language we use matters; not insulting schoolers; Peter Gray's survey of grown unschoolers; decompression time; unschooling at sea; unschooling is not unparticipating; the deschooling convivium; what unschoolers do for careers; the benefits of self-directed time; food and life learners; unschooling math; age segregation and learning; a toy-free journey; not school at home; place-based education; and more.


Life Learning Magazine's 2013 Annual

Life Learning Magazine 2013 Annual

Includes: drive to discover; supporting learning; the result of trusting and respecting a teen; John Taylor Gatto on learning from adventure; finding the balance in trusting kids; when parents like structure; self-directed living; deciding to unschool; where fascination leads kids; information in the Internet Age; freedom of information; unschooling is not one-size-fits-all; doing away with experts; being willing to try; from school to homeschool to life learning; a sense of wonder; the importance of context in learing; life learning with Asperger's; independent teens; guidance, not control; parenting with abundance, not scarcity; real-world math; the trouble with potential; unschooling in India; reading aloud; self-organizing child; motivation; tips from a teenaged unschooler; curiosity; answering skeptics; socialization; and more.


Life Learning Magazine's 2012 Annual

Life Learning Magazine 2012 Annual

Includes: ADHD disorder or survival mechanism?; unschooled kids are at ease with all ages; dealing with doubts; computers and screen time; libraries and learning; deschooling a parent; learning to write; learning to make choices; the art of inspiration; strewing; making linkages; reading; unschooling in a multigenerational home; nonviolent communication; looking after mom's interests; being bored; finding community; socialization; DIY with kids/the maker movement; quitting a course; the value of unschooling conferences; daydreaming; David Albert on science; slow learning; interview with grown unschooler Andre Stern; praise; recollections of John Holt; college, or not; John Taylor Gatto's guerilla curriculum; bullying in the unschooling community; and more.


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