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Beyond School by Wendy Priesnitz
Life Learning - the book
School Free by Wendy Priesnitz
For the Sake of Our Children by Leandre Bergeron
Playing With Math
A Path of Their Own
Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon
Craftsmanship Magazine
What Really Matters by David Albert & Joyce Reed
Challenging Assumptions in Education by Wendy PriesnitzChild's Play Magazine
A Home Business Start-Up Guide by Wendy Priesnitz
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A free, web-based source of support and information about interest-based, learner-directed education for all ages (also known as life learning, unschooling, natural learning, and free-range learning). Life Learning Magazine was founded in 2002, so there are about four hundred articles on this site, and more are being added weekly. Our goal is to make our complete archive available for free on this website. Check them out here.
encourage writing
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How to Encourage Our Children to Write - Offering mentoring, support, and inspiration in order to foster a love of writing in life learning children. Read more.

explaining unschooling
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Explaining Unschooling to Skeptics - Childhood development is a long, invisible process that takes time and patience to flower. Read more.

finding success
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Finding Success - If our children are living life on their own terms, rather than trying to meet someone else’s expectations, they can be successful. Read more.

strength not fear
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Worst Case Scenario - Kids learn from play. And trusting that allows life learners to parent from strength, not fear, even if the kids have to go to school in the future. Read more.

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Apples and Oranges - Competition can be helpful or detrimental to learning; what's important is having the choice to compete or not. Read more.

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Free Learning - The First Months - What a life learning mother and her young son learned while deschooling themselves. Read more.

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The Over-Scheduled Family - Over-scheduling our unschooling families can lead to burn-out and other problems for both adults and children. Read more.

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Defining Life Learning - We coined the term "life learning" to describe a philosophy that trusts children and involves living as if school doesn't exist. Read more.

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