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Life Learning is a unique, authentic, and ground-breaking source of information about and support for home education, unschooling, self-directed education, and life learning.

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Protecting the spark of curiosity
Image © Teresa Wiedrick

Off the Beaten Path - A homeschooling family left the text books at home on a two-month trip to Kenya with their physician father, and values the learning they did by living. Read more.

Protecting the spark of curiosity
Image © Shutterstock

Protecting the Spark of Curiosity - Adults' role in unschooling - and in children's education in general - is to protect and nurture the spark of curiosity, which is lit from birth. Read more.

Pat Farenga on John Holt
Image © Holt Associates

A Life Worth Living and a Job Worth Doing - Patrick Farenga talks with Life Learning Magazine Editor Wendy Priesnitz about John Holt, unschooling, and life. Read more.

unschooling changes a mom too
Image © Susie Maguire

How Unschooling My Son Also Changed Me by Susie Maguire - A life learning mother has found that unschooling her son has  changed her outlook on life. Read more.

the average giraffe
Image © Shutterstock

The Average Giraffe by David H. Albert - Common knowledge about giraffe behavior is based on the average zoo giraffe. Research into child development is based on kids who attend school. Read more.

Image © Shutterstock

What is "Life Learning"? - We use "life learning" to describe a form of homeschooling that trusts and respects children, and that avoids the trappings of school.   Read more.

"When [John Holt's publication] Growing Without Schooling stopped publication [in 2001], Life Learning became the leading journal of the unschooling movement. It is packed with well-written articles about the philosophy and practice of unschooling."  ~ Dr. Peter Gray, Freedom to Learn blog, Psychology Today


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