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Life Learning Magazine is a unique, authentic, and ground-breaking digital home education / unschooling magazine. It is recognized and trusted as the world's leading magazine about self-directed education and life learning.

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Meet our Editor Wendy Priesnitz and read what she says about the magazine she founded in 2002.

The Myth of the Expert
Image © Shutterstock

Homeschool Prom and Other Oxymorons by Erin Hughey-Commers - A grown unschooler who now works with homeschoolers at a college describes her life learning experiences while providing some history of the American homeschooling movement and a view of how it's changing. Read more.

The Myth of the Expert
Image © Shutterstock

We Need Experience More Than We Need Algebra by John Taylor Gatto - Gatto invented his “guerilla curriculum” in order to help his students in the public school system get an education in spite of school. He now uses it to encourage everyone else to learn by experience. Read more.

The Myth of the Expert
Image © Deborah Dyson

What Happens When Unschooled Kids Grow Up? by Deborah Dyson - The child who was once asked why he was not in school is now the adult being asked why he is not in college or working, instead of apprenticing while living at home. Read more.

giving up the gold stars
Image © Shutterstock

Giving Up the Gold Stars by Alan Oak - Too often, we confuse what we think ought to be done with what we truly desire. Unschooling is all about kicking out the nagging voices. We can learn from our unschooled kids to give up the reward mentality in our own lives. Read more.

The Myth of the Expert
Image © Shutterstock

The Myth of Experts by Jan Fortune-Wood - The idea that school, teachers, and adults are essential pre-requisites of learning is as false as it is widespread. Both parents and children are deskilled by a system that perpetuates the myth that experts are central to learning. Read more.

learning to read and write
Image © Shutterstock

The Detective and The Navigator: How They Learned to Read and Write by Ellen Rowland - One of the foundations of life learning is that children don't need to be forced to learn. Here's how one unschooling mom is nurturing her kids' passions so they learn. Read more.

"When [John Holt's publication] Growing Without Schooling stopped publication [in 2001], Life Learning Magazine became the leading journal of the unschooling movement. The magazine is packed with well-written articles about the philosophy and practice of unschooling."  ~ Dr. Peter Gray, Freedom to Learn blog, Psychology Today


We have used the term "life learning" for many decades to describe personalized, non-coercive, active, interest-led learning from life – for people of all ages. The term also refers to a form of homeschooling that trusts and respects children, and that avoids the trappings of school; in that context, it is sometimes called unschooling or natural learning. Life learning children live and learn, with the support of their families, based on their own interests and their own timetables, and without curriculum, tests, or grades. Go here for links to articles that provide a more comprehensive explanation.

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