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What People Are Saying About Life Learning Magazine...

When [John Holt's publication] Growing Without Schooling stopped publication [in 2001], Life Learning Magazine became the leading journal of the unschooling movement. It is packed with well-written articles about the philosophy and practice of unschooling.
Dr. Peter Gray, Freedom to Learn blog, Psychology Today

Never before has a magazine so confirmed and inspired me in my purpose as a parent. I read every issue in its entirety, and re-read and refer to them regularly. Like Ken Wilber's 'Theory of Everything," it pulls everything together for me, and more importantly, demonstrates how to apply my beliefs and values and begin living my vision. Thank you!!!
Bonnie, California, USA

Your magazine makes my spirit leap with excitement, and every ounce of my creativity and passion for life and for learning churns when I devour the articles.
Laurie, New Hampshire, USA

I'm so glad for the outstanding success Life Learning mag has been. As usual, you're the head of the pack.
Sue, British Columbia, Canada

Sometimes parenting and unschooling as our family does feels like walking through a desert of People Who Don't Get It, and Life Learning is like a wonderful oasis of mothers and fathers and writers who truly GET IT. Makes me want to sob with relief and gratitude sometimes.
Laura, USA

I am so very impressed with Life Learning. I always find several interesting articles that I really want to read! Thanks for continuing it as an online magazine. It's nice to save some money and some trees too!
Mitchell, Quebec, Canada

Life Learning is as resilient as the philosophy behind it!  My thanks to you both for your generosity in customer care. Life Learning is a lifeline for me as I struggle with the nagging doubts in guiding our daughter into self-learning.
Cheryl, Michigan, USA

Thumbs up for such an inspiring, supportive, and revolutionary magazine!
Sophie, Australia

I have been a self-directed learner all my life and have felt misunderstood for many years. I have always referred to the home-based education of my children as self-directed learning and am thrilled that there is finally a magazine that truly addresses this lifestyle choice. You have my full support and may trust that I will distribute and promote this magazine at every opportunity.
Wendy, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for being there and not being afraid to tell it like it is.
Ursula, South Carolina, USA

I am very excited to learn about unschooling in Canada and the U.S. I am very impressed by the caliber of your authors and the types of articles you publish.
Alison, Japan

Thanks for a magazine that treasures children and the love of learning. Life Learning is a needed balance in a homeschooling spectrum dominated by the political religious right.
Lisa, Montana, USA

WOW, so much wonderful information! Even though I have been home educating for nearly 10 years, I still found it so encouraging. The teacher motivation in me wanted to immediately force every one of our members to read everything; they should not be missing out on all this good stuff.
Jill, Christchurch, New Zealand

Your magazine has helped me more than I can say. It made me remember why I kept them out of school in the first place. My kids, no matter what, are so much better off than if I'd put them in school. Whew. It was a close call. Thanks for being there.
Ann, Colorado, USA

Congratulations on your (our) magazine. I think it is timely and I welcome it into our home... I thoroughly enjoyed the article by John Gatto; to my mind he is to the public education system what Noam Chomsky is to the mass media.
Aaron, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am totally impressed with the excellence - scope, know-how, family-orientation, good writing.
Mary, Massachusetts, USA

Once again my confidence cup has been topped off.
Chris, Ontario, Canada

I am so very glad that I found you. We live near John Holt’s original group and when the Growing Without Schooling magazine stopped, it was rather frightening to think that there wouldn’t be a voice out there. Thank you for your work.
Janie, Masachusetts, USA

I am so excited about reading information leading to my focus on home learning with my kids! it is the best magazine in the world!!!
Samantha, Queensland, Australia

Daniel Grego's article is the best article I've ever read on your website or in your magazine. Thank you for publishing his work; his insight and ideas will have me spinning all day--and longer!
Carolyn, California, USA

* These are real comments from real people; originals are on file in our office.

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